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Our digital learning resources are ‘Touch Screen Optimised’, suitable for most Windows, Android and Apple devices. Ranging in style, format and length, they contain UK audio narrative, videos, interactive simulations and assessments covering a huge variety of skills and topics, developed using recognised and established management theories and processes.


Here at, we are a team dedicated to the ‘can do’ attitude and we inspire people to evolve with us. We understand that everybody learns in different ways, so why should all learning be the same? We have a broad selection of topics and offers to make learning a unique experience for everybody. As a dynamic company, regularly updates all content to ensure it is current and relevant for today’s learners. So why not get to know your own personal Choota today?


Digital learning resources are UK produced by leading educational publisher Jenison, an Accredited Learning Technologies Provider by the Learning & Performance Institute and are powered by a version of the Jenison CheckPoint4 delivery system. is partnered with The Virtual Learning Academy, utilising the digital resources in the facilitation of Chartered Management Institute (‘CMI’) and Institute of Leadership and Management (‘ILM’) qualifications.