Customer support ( must receive all requests for refunds, replacements, and adjustments via email within 14 days after purchase. Refunds, replacements, adjustments will only be considered for:

  1. Accounts that have not been utilised whatsoever, therefore if you have already used your account then you will not be entitled to a refund.
  2. Technical problems resulting in you not being able to view digital resources.
    Customer support must receive written notification of the problem and be given the opportunity to fix the problem in order for a refund, replacement or adjustment to be considered. 

Refunds/Replacements/Adjustments will NOT be considered for:

  1. Slow performance. The digital resource material is designed to perform best at a 28880-connection rate, or better. However, we have no control over Internet bandwidth, which can affect performance, causing brief delays in the download speeds for the digital resources and display of the HTML pages.
  2. Reduction in subscription duration or downgrading of digital resource access.

If the is out of service for more than 12 hours consecutively, one day will be added to your existing subscription.