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Animal & Pet Care First Aid Diploma (12 lectures, 1 hr)

Learn about pet first aid so that you are always prepared for pet emergencies. Build a first aid kit and learn what actions to take for a range of traumas and diseases.

Our veterinarian, Dr Katherine, will equip pet owners with the basic knowledge they need for emergencies so that they are able to help their pets.

Follow a series of explanatory videos, demonstrations with the one and only Delilah the Pitbull, printable instructions and a guide to build your very own pet first aid kit at home.

Quiz assessments will help with your learning and Dr Katherine will respond to all queries in the course forum. 


  • Identify and respond to different types of emergency scenarios
  • Safely handle your own pet when they are injured
  • Build your very own pet first aid kit!
  • You’ll develop the confidence to know how best to help your pet
  • Engage with your fellow students and Dr Katherine herself in the course forum
  • Earn your OfCourse Diploma!

Course Diploma – download or print out your certificate of completion with your marks!

pet first aid certificate

Who is this course for?

  • Pet owners
  • People who interact with pets

How to Train a Puppy & Adult Dog Training with Dr Dunbar (eBooks, videos)

Dr. Dunbar has been a pioneer in the world of pet dog training where he has been instrumental in popularizing dog-friendly, fun and games training that is fast, effective and enjoyable for the whole family.

This courses includes 3 comprehensive e-books:

Dr. Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book (144 pages), Before You Get Your Puppy (104 pages) & After You Get Your Puppy (160 pages)

You will then be able watch the classic 90 minute videos of Dr Dunbar’s puppy training, before viewing 12 video modules of adult dog training.

So Joe Pup has come to live with you! Now what? Basically, you are at a fork in the road. Living with a dog can be a joy, or a pain. The success of the future relationship depends on you teaching your puppydog the rules and regulations of domestic living. The most important time in a dog’s life is right now. First impressions are so very important for all dogs, and especially for puppies. Consequently, the next few weeks are crucial to doggy development. A little help and guidance at this stage will have a profound and long-lasting effect, which will enrich the doggy-human relationship for years to come. So don’t delay, train today! 

Highlights Include:

  • A collection of e-books that would retail for 100s of £s separately.
  • The ultimate 90 minute puppy training video showing Dr Dunbar at his best
  • 12 video modules covering adult dog training
    • How to enjoy training
    • Sit During Play
    • Follow, walk and heal!
  • A comprehensive guide taking you from before you purchase your puppy to when you have an adult dog in the family! 

Who is this course for?

  • Dog owners and potential dog owners
  • Parents worried about having a dog in the family
  • Anyone who wishes their puppy or dog was more obedient
  • Those wishing to give their dogs the best chance in life!


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